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The "Dad" of the Friend Group

Loud music, lots of people, games upon games and late, late nights.... pretty much describes a college Saturday night. However as much fun as that sounds, popcorn, sweatpants and college football are screaming my name. As a senior, I have participated in those college nights and loved every minute of it. None the less, it no longer appeals to me as much as it used to. My friends call this "getting old". They constantly remind me that I am the oldest and have turned into a 47 year old man, or "dad". To tell the truth, I embrace it. I don't mind watching out for everyone else, staying in and relaxing. Here are 11 signs that prove you as well might be the "dad" of the friend group. 

1. Saturday nights... you no longer want to go out to that fraternity party; Sweat pants and a movie are calling your name. 

2. You become the master of laundry. 


3. You clean everyday and everything. 

4. You constantly remind friends to text when their home safe, even if they are walking 15 feet to their front door. 


5. You use a calendar to plan your life.  

moniaca organization.gif

6. You use a grocery shopping list, or else you are lost on what to buy. 

7. You become emotional... about everything 


8. You're always tired by 8:00. 

friends sleeping .gif

9. It's October and you are already excited for Christmas 

merry christmas.gif

10. The littlest things make us mad.

11. Eventually you have to give up, and let it all go. 


- Kyle Bell