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Budgeting! The Secret's Out!


As I am sure you have all heard this before, we are all broke college students. You go out with some friends on a Friday night and take your time window shopping because you don’t actually have any money to spend, right? Well here are a few tips to help you budget your money wisely so you can get your significant other something nice every now and then.

                How to Budget:

1.       Spend money only on what you need!

·         Books

·         Food/drink

·         Other school supplies

2.       Keep your change!

·         Keeping your loose change in a drawer or a little cup can build up over time giving you a few extra bucks to spend.

Things to avoid when trying to save money:

1.       Frequently eating out.

·         Eating out sometimes is nice, but if you don’t have the money, then don’t push your limits.

·         Also, being a gentlemen and paying for other peoples’ meals is very nice, but it may not always be the smartest. Going Dutch is never a bad thing.

2.       Surfing the internet like Amazon or Ebay is never the best thing to do.

·         Buying random and nifty things is cool, but you never really need that extra hat, or Netflix, or new pair of shoes.


So what’s the moral of this story? Keep your enemies close, your friends closer, and your wallet/purse tucked away safely in your room.


Posted By: Matt