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This is a follow up to this post.

Last week my co-worker Janaye posted about Kasey Spence. Kasey is sophomore here at Adrian College, and he was recently diagnosed with stage three brain cancer. He has to have six weeks of treatment to beat his cancer, and so to help pay for the treatments his friends created the Kasey Spence Foundation.

They created bracelets with "Fight With Kasey" on them and have been selling them around campus along with silver (the color for brain cancer awareness) ribbons.

So far the Kasey Spence Foundation has raised over $1,000 dollars!!!

This Saturday at the Pink Zone game, more bracelets and ribbons will be sold. (Find out more about the Pink Zone games here!).

They are $5 and the ribbons are $1. If you don't want to buy a bracelet or ribbons donations are more than welcome.

Adrian College is making a video to show Kasey our support featuring students who have bought a bracelet!

If you can't make it to the PinkZone bracelets are available in the Public Relations department (basement of the library), and will hopefully be available in the Student Bookstore soon.

Please support you fellow Bulldog! Tell all your friends and family! Make a Facebook post!

Tweet about it (#fightwithkasey)!


Posted By: Emily Crum