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Scholarship Day

Welcome to Adrian College! Those of you attending Scholarship Day will be happy you came! The AC Bulldogs welcome you with open arms and hope you choose to attend here next fall! 


Adrian hosts several events for its incoming students and you should take advantage of every opportunity we present to you. Often times, visits to the AC campus can be very beneficial to you. Visiting the college will help you get a sense for our community feel on campus, meet some of the welcoming staff and prepare yourself financially too. Many people make their very first college friends at days such as Scholarship Day, and keep them for years to come. In fact, not only did I receive a scholarship from Scholarship Day, but I met the professors in my major department and met two of my best friends here on campus! My other two friends also met on Scholarship Day and are still roommates to this day. So incoming freshmen...take advantage of what Adrian College offers you! And trust me... they will provide several opportunities to help and guide you during your process of becoming an Adrian College Bulldog! 

Posted By: Janaye Powers