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Student Athlete in a Nutshell

As I am sure that all of you are aware from reading my “Hello” post, I run track here at Adrian College. There are a ton of great perks to being a student athlete, but there are also some factors that would need to be thought about before making a commitment like this.


That's me!

Why I run:


I have been High Jumping since the fourth grade. It is not something I am willing to give up easily. I love the sport and I have a very deep respect for other track runners, because it isn’t just running, it’s a lot of hard work.


To me, a great workout is an awesome stress reliever. There is never anything better when I am feeling down or nervous then to go workout. With only my coach’s voice and the sounds of heavy breathing on my mind, I can let go of the outside world.


I wouldn’t say that I am a gym-rat, but I do like to stay in shape. I may not have abs like the Situation, but I am pretty pleased with my physical appearance.

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Why running is tough:


Practice times can be pretty rough. Usually, my workouts only last about an hour, but juggling classes and eating, my day can quickly become cluttered with appointments and running around between buildings. Learn to manage time wisely!!


I am a student-athlete. Notice how student always comes first. I have meets almost every Saturday which puts a time cramp on my big homework days.


Fatigue can really increase my chance of procrastination. When all I want to do after practice is crawl in to bed, it makes doing math homework an event reserved for the distant future.

Posted By: Matt Schact