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Surviving College Life: Staying Organized

Hey guys, it's me again!


Today I'm wearing my boyfriend's Joe Flacco jersey...Congrats Ravens! :p

Part of my role in writing this blog is to share some of my personal experiences with you. Generally, I am a pretty perceptive and adaptive individual. I also enjoy being away from home, and I love my independence. So when I came to Adrian, I immediately fell in love with college life. I liked scheduling my own classes, choosing the times and the professors, and choosing what I could do with my time. The freedom of it all is absolutely wonderful, especially for people such as myself who didn't have a lot of independence growing up. 

While college may be liberating, the amount of freedom may also be overwhelming. Many of us are used to having our parents or other adults making choices for us according to what they believe is in our best interests. Some of the things many college students struggle with is prioritizing, organization, and making short and long term realistic goals. By making good habits and sticking to them, I have made myself a nice, comfortable bed away from home. Hopefully one day all of my hard work will pay off! :)

Every student is busy in their own agenda. You will probably find each of your semesters will have different paces. The activities you are involved in, the sports you play, and the classes you take will change each semester. In turn, this means your prioritizing and time management will have to change accordingly in order to be successful. One of the things that should remain the same and consistent through ALL semesters is your organizational patterns, so today I will share some of my own organization with you! :)

Organization can and should be applied to pretty much every aspect of life. I am an extremely organized person for a couple of reasons. I am a very busy bee, and I like to be involved in several things at one time. On the other hand, I have an absolutely terrible memory. Quite obviously, these two things combined can be troublesome, so organization is one of my best qualities for surviving life. 

Here are many of the tools I find useful to keep myself organized. I don't use all of them, but the ones I do use are for very specific reasons. 

Tools for Organization:



Computer Calendars/Reminders

Smartphone Calendars/Reminders

Handheld or Pocket Planners

Wall Calendars

Check Register

Online Banking

Budget Planner

Bill/Payment Planner


This is a picture of where I keep track of my homework. I use the planner provided by the college to keep track of general reminders, homework assignments, important events, and all of my class times. I always carry it with me in my backpack. The desk calendar is where I write all of my class times, my homework and paper/project due dates, as well as my work and internship schedule. 


These are pictures of what I like to call my "board center." On my wardrobe, I have a number of white boards to keep my life organized. I have one that I use for my daily schedule, one with a to-do list, and a couple other ones for other random reminders. 


Here is a screen shot of my computer calendar. I have a Mac, so I use the application iCal. I completely fell in love with this application. You can schedule events and color coordinate them to categorize different types of events. I have all of my classes in orange, meetings in yellow, project/tests in purple, and other colors for other types of events as well. It also has pop-up reminders with your events each day. This is only one application out of several that are available through the app store and other computer types too.


This is my huge wall calendar! It's not actually on a wall... it's really taped to one of my dressers. But I usually just keep track of due dates and deadlines on this calendar. It helps me keep track of my time monthly, like my iCal. 


This is one of my check registers I keep on my computer. Keeping track of things on my computer helps me to remember to check my bank account and is a constant reminder to try and save my money. 

You may have noticed I tend to write the same things down in several places. You might think I'm crazy, but this habit keeps my horrible memory in check. I do a lot of things and take a have credit load, so having several forms of organization keeps me on top of things and helps me et things done on time. 

Posted By: Janaye Powers :) <3