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Tips and Tricks of Dorm Life

Everyone has their own experiences in high school and college. From those we learn certain things that definitely help make our lives easier.  Here are just a few tips that I thought you all might enjoy.


Have a first aid kit.

 Get one that includes band-aids, extra Tylenol, disinfectant cream, gauze, and medical tape. Within 6 hours of being on campus, I skinned my knee bad enough that I had to use 3 band-aids just to cover the entire thing. At some point, you are going to do something that requires a band-aid, whether that is cutting yourself shaving or getting a really gross paper cut.


Put your keys in the same place every time

. Figure a spot that you can always put your keys so you don't have to destroy half your room while trying to find them before you have to get to a class that starts in 5 minutes. Personally, I put mine in my nail polish basket that is right next to my door. I never have to look for them.


If you are not a morning person do not take a 7am class

. You may think that it will be easy to get up at 6am everyday at the beginning of the semester, but by the end of the first month you 


 want to sleep-in.


If you live in the freshman quad, cut through the parking lot behind Ritche

. Doing so can cut about 3 minutes off your walking time. Goldsmith and Rush have back entrances: use them.


Invest in a 

cheap coffee maker

 or an 

electric kettle

 (if tea is your thing).  Caffeine is going to help you function with classes, homework, studying, your job, and whatever else you are involved in. Sleep is for the Weak and you will not get a full 8 hours during the week.


Buy headphones

. Chances are that your roommate is going to have completely different taste in music than you. So if you want to listen to Dubstep and they want to listen to Bach, headphones are a must. They are also great for when you’re in the library and want to listen to music as you study. The student bookstore sells several different types for a fairly cheap price.


This is not fun. Headphones are fun! (



Posted By: Emily