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From Harris Cup Champs...to Nationals!

We did it, Bulldogs! Harry is back home!

Just this past weekend (Friday, March 1), AC hosted the annual Harris Cup Playoffs, which are the lead-in to the NCAA Ice Hockey Championships for Division III. This was kind of a big deal, to put it lightly, because AC is...kind of a big deal. AC hockey has only been around for six seasons, and we've won the Harris Cup a whopping five times.

We've been featured on ESPN, and received tons of acclaim for being top dawgs.

Last year, we lost the Harris Cup championships for the first time in four years. But this year, we were back with a vengeance and had a lot to prove.

And (spoiler alert) we won!! We crushed the competition, and now we're ready for more, which brings us to AC hockey's latest promo about the quarterfinals for Nationals, which are happening THIS WEEKEND (Sat., March 9) at Arrington Ice Arena. Yeah, it's spring break, but guys--this is huge! We're so excited...aren't you?

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Go Bulldogs!!

posted by: Adrian College