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One very important tool that can make a difference in your professional career is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking site that you can promote your resume in an online professional network. LinkedIn is very important to young adults and students. This networking website can be used to find yourself a job through connections of people you may know. You can list yourself as searching for employment, what type of employment you are looking for and all of your credentials will be on your profile. Employers looking for employees often look on LinkedIn for professional candidates for their position. If an employer is interested in hiring you, they can also contact you via the information on your profile. On the other hand, when applying for a job your potential employer will almost always look at your profile on LinkedIn. You profile can sometimes determine the job you may have in the future, so it's very important to keep it updated, very professional, and accurate as well.


To Keep Your LinkedIn Professional

   Always make sure you information is accurate, truthful and updated

   Make sure your picture is appropriate

   Only list



   Limit your status updates, keep them straightforward and professional

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What you can do on LinkedIn:

List relevant classes you've taken

List experience you have in your field or other areas

List your personal accomplishments

Post projects you may want to present to possible employers

Write a summary about yourself

List your personal skills and expertise

List any languages you know 

Post your published work

List your volunteer involvement

Post any certifications you may have

List any acquired degrees and schooling info

List contact info 

& more


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