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So, you're looking for a roommate...

Lately on campus, there has been a lot of talk about finding a roommate for the upcoming fall semester of 2013. I know I have my roommate picked out, but with bids for Greek Life always taking people from their original housing plans, here are some tips to find a good roommate for next year:


Finding Someone that you can trust/get along with:


Finding a good friend that isn’t your best friend is a good idea because often disagreeing on things is a big part of being roommates, and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize a friendship like that.


Knowing what kind of roommate your friend will be:


You could have the best friend in the world as a roommate, but if he/she is messier then you had predicted and you dislike that for example, then you should veer away from that person as your roommate.


Communicating about who will bring what for the room:


Having two refrigerators and no microwave might not be the best idea. Talk about what your future roommate is willing to share with you ahead of time so you can optimize the functionality of your room.


Discussing common issues:


Are you a night owl or early bird? Are you a book-worm or a partier? Talking about these things to your new roommate can help resolve problems before they get out of hand

These are all great tips to finding a roommate for the 2013 fall semester. I know plenty of people who are finding themselves in a bit of a crunch to find a good roommate, but luckily I met a fellow track runner who was willing to be my roommate and I couldn’t be happier. He is a cool kid that I can get along with, and he has a futon! So there you have it; you’re how-to guide to finding a roommate! 

Send us your pics of your cool dorm room set up--or comment with some roommate quest tips of your own. We'd love to hear from you! 


posted by: Matt