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Social Media & Professionalism

As many of us young adults approach the professional world, it's important to keep our own personal images professional as well. Our personal lives will begin to be examined closely by possible future employers and coworkers.


Part of keeping our personal images appropriate for when the time comes when we will be examined involves keeping our social media websites clean and innocent. In the work world, people have been known to be fired or not hired for a job because of inappropriate material found on social media pages. The appearance of your social media pages could possibly make a difference in what job you have in the future, so it's very important to address the matter as soon as possible.


Some Tips on How to Keep Your Social Media Profiles Clean:

--Avoid using profane or inappropriate language in areas where the public can see

--Refrain from posting obscene or inappropriate images in areas where the public can see

--If under the age of 21, DO NOT post pictures of any alcohol, including [holding] solo cups or bottles in the background

--If 21 years or older, keep any pictures you post with alcohol moderate, appropriate and to a minimum

--Avoid posting pictures of any marijuana, hookah or paraphernalia 

--Keep pictures where you are not fully dressed to a minimum 

--Change the security settings on your profile and pictures so only your friends can view your content

--Put everything you possibly can to a "private" setting 

--On more professional sites, refrain from posting about personal matters in statuses 

--If necessary, have a "professional only" profile and a separate "personal matters" profile for different types of social media

Learn more how to use social media professionally here: 


 Posted By: Janaye