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Football, you thought it was just a Sport?

by Brandon Neal

Photo Credit: Michael Neal 

Photo Credit: Michael Neal 

What's up bulldogs? It's one of the most exciting times of the year for all colleges: it's football season! This means exciting games, memorable tailgates, homecoming, and that electric feel on campus when your team brings home a win. As a player on our very own conference championship team and playing the game for 13 years, each season is always something that will be remembered. I don't think there is a better feeling than being center stage in front of your community and classmates while doing something you love. As a team, we make it our main objective to have great seasons in order to ensure a great start to the school year for everyone.

Let's be honest how much fun would Saturdays be if your football team lost every weekend? (Answer: not fun). 

So through all of the pain of the off-season and intense conditioning during camp, we are able to build up to be a dominant team all season long.

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Why You Should Go to the Games: 

Hang out with all of your friends - and come watch us dominate!   Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Hang out with all of your friends - and come watch us dominate!  

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

The Tailgate: One of the best ways to get pumped up for a game. In simpler terms it's a legit excuse to party during the day. At every tailgate, you will be inside a little community of people that want to cheer on the same team as you! You'll play games, have great food, and meet new people!

Homecoming: Well, we all know that the homecoming football game is always highly anticipated. Even though it may be a little different than your high school homecoming, going to a college homecoming game can be just as fun -- if not better. Getting the chance to cheer on your team, check out the band, and see who was crowned king and queen with former, current, and sometimes even future Bulldogs makes this experience a remarkable time for everyone.

After Game: After you see your team grab the hard-fought win and wash all the face paint off, there's only one thing left to complete such a great day. The parties! After a win its always a fun time to kick back and celebrate with everyone campus wide on what took place earlier that day.

This really sums up what fall is all about! A great football season can add such an electric atmosphere to any campus. And we all know how fun it is to have the whole school feeling good. Now go get out there on those football Saturdays and support your AC Bulldogs! It's been real, but until next time Adrian. See ya!

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