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She's beauty and she's grace...

by Emily Kipp

National beauty pageant competitors are no Toddlers & Tiaras. On this level, girls are judged more on their ability to hit their x's and make fish faces. They compete against each other in swimsuit, gown and interview competitions.  

This isn't as easy as it may seem at first. Interview questions can be anything and everything, and with the amount of pressure riding the perfect answer, it's amazing that these girls can formulate a poised response.

Past Miss USA interview questions have included: 

  • Should people who leak classified documents in the name of public information be charged with treason? Why/why not?
  • Due to the problem of binge drinking on college campuses, a growing number of college presidents are encouraging lawmakers to lower the drinking age. Do you agree that this would promote responsible drinking? Why/why not? 
  • The Supreme Court ruled that criminal suspects are subjected to a police DNA test after arrest. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why/why not? 
  • (Or, #ThrowbackThursday to Miss Congeniality with: What is your idea of a perfect date?)  

These are all things that would be so difficult to answer on the spot under pressure.  

These are all also things that two Adrian College Chi O's will have to endure.  

Kirsten Cockrell and Marcia Cripps will be fighting to represent Ohio and Michigan , respectively, in the upcoming Miss USA pageants in November. If they win, they will each move on to compete against each other in this year's Miss USA pageant!  

Ashley Greer is representing the Chi O graduated class of 2012 when she competes in the MIss America Prelim for Miss New York in February. 

Good luck, Bulldogs!