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Pinterest Projects We Love!

by Emily Kipp

On Wednesday's, we Pinterest.  Introducing Pinterest Projects: our weekly obsessions that you can do within your dorm room! I'm your resident Pinterest lover, and I'll give you step-by-step guides to make the best creations. Check out my posts every Wednesday! First up: let's chat about wine



Get your craft on Bulldogs! This week, I have found some fun wine-themed crafts that can help make life a little more classy and a lot more fun.  

Glittered Wine Glasses: 

You'll Need: wine glasses, modge podge, glitter, lacquer

  1. Modge Podge the area to be glittered. It can be the base, the stem -- or the entire thing! You could even do a paw print in the middle. Spread an even coat over the entire area; it helps to apply with a sponge brush. If you're not great with free-handing, feel free to tape off the borders for clean lines. 
  2. Glitter the modge podge evenly. Make sure to shake off the flitter sitting on top. Put something under your glass to catch the excess glitter so you can reuse it.  
  3. WAIT!!! The modge podge has to dry. Really, reallllllly dry.  
  4. Spray 2-3 coats of lacquer over the glittered areas. This will make the glass hand-washable and stop the glitter from falling off.  


Wine Cork Letters: 

You'll Need: wine corks, hot glue gun, wooden letter cutout (optional), ribbon (optional) 

  1. Arrange corks in the letter shape you want. You can freestyle this or use a wood cutout to help guide you. You can also use the corks standing so the circle ends are showing or laying down so the cylinder sides are facing up. 
  2. Hot Glue the corks in place either to each other or to the wood cutout.  
  3. Hang the letter by hot gluing a ribbon loop to the back or just prop it up on a shelf!  

Bulldog Project Tip: Get wood letters at Hobby Lobby,  Amazon, or at specialty stores online (this one sells Greek letters, too!). 


Wine Cork Coasters: 

You'll Need: wine corks, hot glue gun, ribbon (optional), small picture frame (optional)  

  1. Cut & Arrange corks so they can fit into a square/rectangle -- whatever shape/size you want your coaster to be!
  2. Hot Glue them together.  
  3. Frame them by either hot gluing ribbon around the sides or gluing them into a small picture frame. If you want to put them in a picture frame, you may want to cut them in half so they lay lower and don't pop out of the frame as much.