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When Social Media Goes Too Far


Social media is kind of a big deal. From Facebook to Twitter, from Snapchat to blogging (hey-o!), everyone is always talking about something. But mostly about the food that we eat because, let's be honest, that's the best part of our day.  

Social media is a place where you can let loose. Even on the Bulldog Project where you can comment on any of our posts or email us telling us what you want to read about! (Email: bulldogproject@adrian.edu).  

But what happens when letting loose goes too far? 

Someone from the White House staff learned that pretty quickly when they got fired for what they were tweeting. Let's say it again: what they said cost them their job -- and this is not the first time this has happened (Read: 5 Social Media Horror Stories or 10 People Who Have Lost Their Jobs Over Social Media). 

You can read all about the intricacies of it here.  

Suggestive pictures, bad tweets, insulting your boss or your company... it could all come back to bite you. So: be careful what you post on social media, Bulldogs. You never know who is watching!