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6 Easy Halloween Costumes

by Emily Kipp

Halloween is coming up (less than a week away!), meaning it's just about time to answer one of the hardest quiz questions all year: what are you dressing up as? Some go all out and buy elaborate costumes, while others -- like me -- prefer to make our own. Here's some ideas for simple, homemade Halloween costumes:  

Don't forget to add the glasses to complete the ensemble! 

Don't forget to add the glasses to complete the ensemble! 

Waldo (Yes, as in Where's Waldo)  

Perfect for men women, Waldo just needs a white and red striped shirt and a red beret or beanie! The outfit can be finished off with jeans -- true Waldo style -- or maybe some  black shorts and cute knee-high socks for ladies.  

Greek God/dess

Pin some leaves in your hair and wrap yourself in some fabric -- even a top sheet will do. Think Toga Party!  

You can call me Athena. 

You can call me Athena. 

Suspenders & stilettos: optional. 

Suspenders & stilettos: optional. 

Three Blind Mice

Matching your friends can be half the fun! All you need to do is wear all grey/black clothes, rock the shades, get some mouse ears and grab a walking stick.  

Rosie the Riveter  

Ladies can show their female pride by dressing up as the iconic feminist propaganda character. A blue button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red bandana as a headband is all it takes to pull off the icon. Just don't forget to show off your muscles throughout the night!  


Mario & Peaches

A couple looking to go out together can easily be Mario & Peaches. Mario just needs a red shirt and overalls, preferable with a red hat and something to post as those large, yellow overall buttons (construction paper will work). Peaches is just as easy: she needs a pink dress, white gloves and a tiara to top it off!  





If you can manage to hunt down (or make) a red pointed hat and a white bear, a gnome is the way to go. You can wear pretty much any color over-sized long sleeve shirt, dark pants, boots and a thick belt (over the shirt).  

I hope these ideas inspire you. More great homemade costumes tend to be characters from current movies and TV shows (Walter White, anyone?). So, get creative and keep your eyes open for something you might want to be. Halloween will be here before you know it.  

Happy costume planning, Bulldogs!