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New Season, New Sports: Winter Season Preview

by Brandon Neal

Phew! I never thought those mid-terms would end, thank goodness they’re done and over with, now we can all breathe and sleep a bit easier. The best thing about being more than halfway done with the semester, besides the temperature dropping below freezing, is the new sports that will take action and carry over all throughout winter. The coming up season is filled with action packed, and high intensity sports that will provide us with great competitions and many thrills. Featured sports include hockey, basketball, and men’s volleyball -- all of which are indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the freezing temperatures outdoors.

Men’s Volleyball

guys vball.JPG

Not many schools have athletes like we do here at AC, we are so well rounded that even our men’s volleyball team is packed with many exciting to watch high flying players. This season, the team is led by Juniors Spencer Simmons and Craig Lantz who seemed focused to have a great season. The team has already opened their pre-season by putting a beating familiar foe Michigan State. If you’ve never gotten a chance to check out a men’s VB game here at Adrian, I recommend you do because you will not want to miss the show that this team can put on.


girls bball.jpg
guys bball.jpg

We all know what time it is when we get to this point of the Fall season: our AC men’s and women’s basketball teams are chomping at the bit to get their seasons underway. Basketball at our school hasn’t always been the most outright winning sport. But this year both teams look to accomplish big things on and off the court that will set winning traditions for seasons to come.
On the women’s side of things, two leaders that will be asked to step up and lead the team this year are LaQuawana “Q” Dockery and Jasmyne “J.O.” Owens. And on the men’s side, with a lot of hype being built up after coming off a year were momentum is now in their favor, they are seeking leadership and efficient play from two returning starters Eric Lewis and Brad Hohman. Hopefully both teams have exciting and successful seasons this year playing with one of the best student sections in the league behind them.


And to top things off: the Adrian College men’s and women's hockey seasons are underway! Hockey is known for being a major headlining sport here, and for many good reasons as there are a total of six teams. The ACHA Black team is off to a good start along with the ACHA Division 1 and ACHA Gold team, who are coming off a back to back championship seasons. The three teams are stealing all the hockey attention as of now, but not for long because the other three teams will start their season in the next couple of weeks. Hockey is a big part of AC and is definitely an exciting sport to check out at the upscale Arrington Ice Arena. Not much more I can say to sum up the entire hockey program -- this sport is one you must see for yourself. You can also eat at WOW Café and watch the game at the same time as well if you didn’t know!

Alright AC friends: with the fall sports winding down and the temperature plummeting, our new season of sports are here! So if you have a free night, go check out your favorite team (or all the teams...), because more than likely one of them will be in action.

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