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by Jessica Newlin  

I’m sure you’ve heard the myth of the Freshmen 15. Sometimes, it’s the Freshmen 30 or 50 -- or maybe you didn’t or won’t have that problem at all. 

What Affects Your Weight Gain:


1. Mom always cooked.

As freshman, you are moving into an environment that has a variety of dining options that are all different from home. If your family ate healthy or relatively healthy before, it’s your choice to make that decision to stay healthy now, but most students are tempted by the burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and pasta, plus, it doesn’t help that it’s all you can eat. Take responsibility for what goes into your body such as the salad bar, healthy salad dressings, and the Mongolian grill without oil or sauce. Ask about what is in the food. Stay away from unhealthy fats, sugars and salts.

2. You aren’t an athlete anymore.


Maybe you played three sports in high school or maybe only one, either way if you aren’t an athlete in college your metabolism will slow down and you won’t be able to eat the same foods or as much as you used to. Since you aren’t exercising as much through practice and games you don’t need to take in as many calories as you did before.

3. You aren’t growing anymore.

Most individuals have reached their peak in high school. By the time college rolls around you should have finished growing. Therefore, your hormones are balanced (or if you’re a guy, somewhat balanced) and your height is set in stone, and so your calorie intake does not need to be as high. Solution? Practice self control.

4. You don’t have the resources anymore.

Financially, if you are buying your own food and don’t have a meal plan, you also need to make healthy decisions. It’s easier when on a budget to go get ramen noodles or easy mac and cheese, but you know you shouldn’t. Healthy food isn’t that expensive. Oatmeal is relatively cheap, so are fresh fruits and veggies. Buy meats that are lean and high in protein when they are on sale. Don’t forget to click coupons, in the paper or online.

What You Should Eat: 


Protein- Protein is hard to acquire through Ritchie or Caine because they don’t serve many dishes with clean meat -- and by clean meat I mean, meat that isn’t swimming in sauce, isn’t 60% fat, or isn’t injected. Chicken breast, ground turkey, tuna, salmon, tilapia are all good examples of healthy protein. The easiest way to get clean meat on campus is the have the Mongolian grill cook just meat with vegetables, without sauce, rice and/or oil.

Water- The good thing about water is, it’s free! Constantly drink water -- yeah, you’ll have to pee, but do it anyway. It will boost your metabolism. Add green tea to your water for even more of a boost!

Veggies = Good! 

Veggies = Good! 

Vegetables and Fruits- Ritchie always has some variety of fruit that is available. The salad bar is useful for all your veggies, just use oil and vinegar or fat free dressing.

Other- Sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, plain fat free yogurt, honey, almonds, flaxseed, oatmeal, fat free milk, almond milk, olive oil, spices, brown rice, etc.

Eating healthy is half of the battle, but the other half of the battle is working out. That dreaded word that most of you hate. The thing is, if you don’t motivate yourself, nobody else can because you have to do it for yourself. If you don’t start today, you won’t be more accepting of yourself tomorrow. Even though a workout buddy can be helpful, they can’t be your entire motivation to get up and get to the gym. 

Where You Should Go:  

1.     The Merillat

Merillat Weight Machines 

Merillat Weight Machines 

The Merillat Sport and Fitness Center offers a variety of options to work out. They have two different weight rooms. One for the more advanced weight lifter where you stack your own weights, and one for the beginner that has pictures and word instructions on how to use the machines, which is very useful. They have treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, a track and basketball courts. Your ID can be traded into the desk for a basketball, tennis ball or volleyball so you can work out by yourself or get a bunch of the guys together for a basketball game.

2.     Outside.


You can always use the streets of Adrian as your running track. Use a running app on your phone to track where you’re running and your process. Don’t run at night and don’t run alone.  AC also has an outdoor track, outdoor tennis courts and an outdoor beach volleyball court. Use these things to your advantage.

3.     Classes

There are a couple of classes on our class roster that students can take, such as yoga or spin class. Get credit for working out if you need to add another credit to your schedule. This also prevents you from having an excuse not to get to the gym, because your grade depends on it.

4.     The YMCA of Adrian

A lot of students that don’t like to use the Merillat use the YMCA of Adrian. It has a wider variety of weight machines, cardio possibilities, a pool and more classes to sign up for! You can also acquire a personal trainer through them. They are located at 638 West Maumee St. Adrian, MI 49221. Their phone is (517)-263-2151.

5.     Blackhorse Crossfit

I saved the best for last y'all! A different kind of work out. Owner and trainer, Sean Lazio is a fellow Bulldog! Check this out…. Crossfit prepares you for anything life throws at you. Whether it’s lifting a couch or surviving a zombie apocalypse. Crossfit is both muscle endurance and cardio. It is a high intensity work out that can be tailored to any individual no matter how old or how weak you may think you are. Crossfit isn’t simply about how much you can lift, it’s how you can constantly improve and push yourself mentally and physically. It’s also a community of people who help each other, whether they become your best friends or they push you to finish that work out that you didn’t think you could do. It isn’t about going to the weight room by yourself and dropping some heavy weights on the ground to make the ladies look your way. I’ve personally seen it change people’s lives. From helping them through alcoholism, through their divorce, through losing that baby weight, and they’ve all done it with each other.

They are located at 2921 Treat St. Adrian, MI 49221. Their phone number is (951)-966-4927. Find them on Facebook! Instagram @blackhorsecrossfit. Twitter @Spaz_Laz.

I hope these healthy tips and work out ideas motivate you to continue on your journey with health and fitness through college, allowing you to be a more confident individual and have more energy throughout the day to study for that test tomorrow or start writing that essay that’s due in two hours. Bulldog out.