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Pinterest Projects: Painting Edition

by Emily Kipp:  


This week I found some crazy simple things to paint (in one step) that will change your life!


Colored Keys:

You'll need: Nail polish, keys

1) Paint the handle of your keys with nail polish to help tell them apart! If you want to change it up later (or turn in your keys to your RA) you can always remove it by soaking them in nail polish remover!!!

Magnet Boards:

You'll need: Cookie sheet(s), spray paint

1)Spray Paint cookie sheets and hang them up to make cute magnet boards that can go anywhere!



Chalk Board:

You'll need: Chalk paint, something to paint on

1) Paint multiple layers of chalk paint (the brush-on kind works better than spray) on anything! You can use a cork board, a wood plaque, a door knocker, dresser drawers, or your bedroom wall at home. You could even double dip crafts and paint a cookie sheet with chalk board paint, making a magnetic chalk board!