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Runouts are Coming!!!

by Emily Kipp

It's that time of the semester again; the fraternity boys are multiplying. You may have seen them handing out bids this past week. In fact, you probably at least know one man who has received one (or got a bid yourself)!  

Runouts is the moment where each man who received and accepted a fraternity bid can come out and announce his new affiliation to the AC community who, in return, has the privilege of watching each fraternity dance to a mash-up of current trending and classic songs. These (often cliche) dances may vary in skill level, but are all equally funny and enjoyable to watch. 

Greeks and non-Greeks alike will be anxiously waiting to see this years dances. Everyone is excited to find out which fraternities will make the top three and who will walk away with bragging rights for the semester as the Runouts Champions.  

Join us in Caine @ 7:00pm SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 to watch! 

If you're on the border about whether or not to go, or are looking for a #ThrowbackFriday, check out the three winning dances from last year:  

3rd Place:  SAE

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity performing their 3rd place dance at the 2012 pledge runouts in Caine Student Center


2nd Place:  Theta Chi 

The Theta Chi Fraternity performing their 2nd place dance at the Adrain College 2012 pledge runout


1st Place: ATO

The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity performing their WINNING dance at the 2012 runouts in Caine Student Center