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In Case You Missed It: Runouts

by Emily Kipp

In Case You Missed It, I've Got You Covered

Men's Runouts were this past Saturday! Before watching 54 amazing men find their homes in the AC Greek community, five hilarious dances were preformed. This year two dances stood out above the rest and the judges just could not decide which had earned the first place title; it had come down to the audience to decide. You could probably hear the audience cheers for these two fraternities, PIKE and ATO, from across campus. 

It was eventually decided that ATO preformed a routine that could not be topped. Their dance included references from movies like Bring It On and Mean Girls, and many moments where every man was moving completely in sync with the group, creating crazy illusions. The dance also had  high skill level moves, such as forming the letters Alpha, Tau, and Omega with their bodies as a finally. 

Memorable moments from other dances include upside down man-twerking, sledgehammer licking, line dancing, and even some stripping. In case you weren't able to come, I've found some great photos of the event. While these pictures don't do any of the dances justice, I hope they give a little insight on what you missed. 


(Photos by Kensie Smith)