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Let's Talk About Food

by Julia Borst

In the beginning of the year, it wasn't uncommon to hear very loud construction sounds coming from the first floor of Caine (...and Peelle/Jones ...and Downs Hall Theatre ...and when they put new sidewalks in, but I digress). They were in the process of constructing ZeBi's and the Grille, and it took some time. Although the construction was a little bit annoying in those first few weeks, in my opinion, they were well worth it. 

Now we have more eating options. Ritchie's food is good, but sometimes you just need to have something different -- ZeBi's and the Grille both provide that option. 

Bon Appetit

Who's hungry?

Who's hungry?

ZeBi's has a whole bunch of different flatbread and sub sandwiches that you can get and the Grille has ... stuff that's grilled. You know, your typical grilled foods: chicken, hamburgers and so on. Both of these options are good, and the variety is a nice change. 

Personally, I like ZeBi's better than the Grille (and judging from how long the line at ZeBi's usually is, I would say that a lot of other people do too). I really, really like their flatbread sandwiches. One of the things that I really like about the new eating options in Caine is that if I'm really busy, I can just get a quick lunch or dinner at ZeBi's or the Grille and take it with me to wherever I need to go. It's convenient, and when we're all so busy with out classes and extracurricular activities, both ZeBi's and the Grille provide a quick, convenient way to get a meal and then go go go. 

Most of my classes are in Valade and, of course, Caine is right next to Valade. I can eat lunch in Caine and relax a little bit more, knowing my class is literally right next door and I don't have to rush through my meal. 


Every morning I wake up, I reach for my Starbucks Coffee cup. And I will drink you, Forever! And ever! 

Every morning I wake up, I reach for my Starbucks Coffee cup. And I will drink you, Forever! And ever! 

As if all this weren't enough, we now also have the Bulldog Beanery (which serves STARBUCKS!) in Caine. I would think the benefits of this are pretty obvious: we are college students, hence we need caffeine. I think that getting coffee at the Beanery is how I'm going to end up spending all of my dining dollars. Sometimes, when I'm really tired and still have a list a mile long of things to do (aka, all the time), I just go to Caine and get coffee and then I feel a little bit more alive and sit gives me just enough energy to do all the things I need to do. 

Overall, I think that ZeBi's, the Grille and the Bulldog Beanery are great additions to AC and now that we have them, I can't imagine always eating every single meal in Ritchie. Like I said, Ritchie is great, but sometimes I just need a little variety. 

By the way... 

And now, because it is November and Thanksgiving is coming up (one week and one day left until break, people!!!), I think that it would be a good idea just to throw it out there that I'm thankful for the food staff here at AC. All of the people who work in Ritchie and Caine are fantastic, and they are a huge part of why I feel so at home here at AC. If you feel the same way, then when you see one of them in Ritchie or Caine, smile and say thank you! You will make them happy, and I would bet that you would feel good about making them happy too.