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Soundtrack to Your Finals Week

By Emily Kipp/Brandon Neal

Since the first day of class in the midst of August, weather you are a senior, freshman, or even if you’re a faculty member. We all have that eternal clock ticking everyday, anticipating finals week and knowing after its over you will be free from school for more than a month. Check out this playlist full of hot jams we came up with to push you through one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. 

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You never know what motivation you might need for that math final. "Count on Me" from Bruno Mars just might be the secret recipe. 

If "When I'm Gone" from the hit Pitch Perfect isn't inspiring enough, then maybe this cover performance of "Cups" will spark your creative side. 

Check out some more videos below: 

If caffeine isn't doing you justice, I'm sure the beautiful Lorde can get your blood pumping. 

Slow down your stress (literally) with this song from The Lumineers. 

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