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Pinterest: Thanksgiving Edition

Some simply sweet additions to the Thanksgiving Day table!



You'll need: glass jars, acorns, real or fake flowers

1) Collect jars of various heights. They can be round or squared. They can be glass or plastic. They can even come from the dollar store!

2) Fill jars, not overflowing, with acorns and then with water Acorns can be purchased or gathered outside.

3) Place fall flower heads on top! If using real flowers, you can leave some of the stem and gently bury it in the acorns, so it can get some water and last longer. 

Acorn Snacks

You'll need: chocolate chips, mini Nutter Butters, Hersey's Kisses


1) Melt some chocolate chips in a double boiler... or by microwaving in small increments, stirring in between.

2) Dip the flat end of a solid chocolate chip into the melted chocolate and place it centered on a mini Nutter Butter.

3) Dip the flat end of a Hersey's Kiss into chocolate and place it on the opposite side of the Nutter Butter

4) Taste test before bringing out to the table ;)