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I See the Light (Pinterest Edition)

by Emily Kipp

This week I have been inspired by lights. As winter is fast approaching, strings of lights are becoming more available in stores ... and just so happen to be 50% off at Hobby Lobby!  So I went out and found some fun and inexpensive ways to use string lights to make the dorm rooms more homey and enjoyable. 

Dangling Light Chandelier: 


You'll need: Dangling string lights, hula hoop, paint, hot glue gun, tulle (or ribbon), command hook (optional)

1) Paint the hula hoop the same color as your tulle.

2) Wrap dangling string lights around a hula hoop, hot gluing it in place every 6 inches or so. 

3) Cover the hula hoop and any sections of the light string on the hula hoop (not dangling) with tulle.

4) Hang with the tulle, making sure it comes from places evenly spaced around the hula hoop to make it look centered. The tulle ends can be tucked into drop down ceiling tiles or attached to a command hook for hanging. 

Glowing Garland:

You'll need: String lights, tulle

1) Cut the tulle into small-ish strips, maybe 6 inches wide. I recommend buying a spool of tool, instead of getting it by-the-yard, to save time and skip this step. Then cut the strips again so that they are between 6 and 12 inches long, depending on how shaggy you want your garland. 

2) Tie the tulle strips around the light string, making sure they are close together so there are no gaps in the around area. 

3) Fluff the tulle when finished!

4) Lay or hang around your dorm to add soft light and color to your bed area, window, desk, door, or even closet!