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Themed Game Saturday

by Brandon Neal

On any college campus, including ours, the closer we get to the end of the semester we’ll see the fall sports season ending, and winter sports starting up. One sport that is “tipping off” this winter, that has me thinking about how we could make this season of sports even more exciting is AC basketball. After coming across a Taylor University  NAIA basketball program on Sports Center and seeing the tradition they’ve started every final home game before all students departed for the semester called the Silent Night -- it came to me! Having such an athletic-based community here on campus, we could easily rally together to start our own student section tradition.

Check out the Silent Night game to see how awesome it could be:  


The idea of having a rowdy, wild and off-the-wall student section is so that our basketball team has an extra boost over any team that they play here at AC. In the past, I realize that we haven’t had large numbers of student support -- but this year we can change that! With the men’s basketball home opener quickly approaching, I believe that we could create and organize what will be known as the Dawg Pound. And every Saturday home game will be known as Theme Game Saturday’s.

WHO/WHAT would be involved?

The upperclassmen would create a different them for each game (I.e. Construction Workers) and as a community we would come in the wackiest and most outgoing costumes to go along with the chosen theme. Freshmen would sit in the upper level, with sophomores and juniors in the middle, and of course seniors would finish it off at the bottom towards the floor.

WHEN/WHERE would this happen?

This will take place in the revamped student section called the Dawg Pound, located in the heart of the Merillat. The best part is that there will only be 5 themed games that start at 3pm. This means you can still sleep in and recover from Friday, and still have enough time after the game to enjoy Saturday night festivities.

WHY should I participate?

guys bball.jpg

Simple, the games are free with your student ID card, you can dress up like its Halloween for a day and not get criticized for it, and with our support we can help our AC Men’s Basketball team have an incredible season!

We have the chance to start something EPIC here within our own campus. So stay tuned on what happens with the newly founded Dawg Pound because the first Saturday home game is November 30!

Go out there and get rowdy for your home team!

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