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College & Distractions

by Jessica Newlin

I’ve been talking a lot about how college isn’t all about studying, doing homework, and going to class -- how having a social life and personal life is very important to your health. Let me ask you this:



Why are you going to college?



The answer probably isn’t to party, do drugs, play video games or play sports -- at least it shouldn’t be. We come to college to learn, to develop ourselves as individuals, and to gain experience that is going to help us with our future careers. We need to understand that homework is important, staying awake in class will help you and the importance of your education isn’t something that you can put a price tag on. So, while you’re going $20,000 in debt a year to afford to go to Adrian College, you better make your effort worth that. There are a couple things within the college setting that are fine in moderation, but when taken too far they can lead to be great distractions. These distractions could cause your grades to drop, not doing your homework, or skipping class. Here are a couple things that are regular distractions in a college setting:



Everyone needs to let lose every now and again, but save that stuff for the weekends -- and not every day of the weekend either, because when are you going to do your homework? And you probably shouldn’t decide to get hammered on a Wednesday night before your exam on Thursday at 8am. It’s all about knowing when to stop and budgeting your time very carefully.

Partying also costs money. It gets expensive. If you’re a college student, you probably don’t have that much money and spending it on alcohol or other things takes away from those text books you really needed but didn’t buy this semester. I often tell myself I should do a study on how much college students would save if throughout their whole entire four years of college they didn’t buy alcohol and/or some sort of drug. The answer is probably a crap load. Yeah, what’s a $15 vodka bottle going to do? But after a while, those add up. You could probably make a school payment with the bottles lined up in your room.



Yes, the opposite sex is attractive. They always will be. Of course you can look. It’s natural for people to date in college and nothing is wrong with it. In fact, a lot of people end up marrying the person they date in college, but they can’t take you away from your academics. If being with them interferes with your homework, your study time, or your class time, the relationship isn’t healthy. You have to learn to be away from each other or else you’ll just get sick of each other that much faster. They aren’t your entire life and most of the time they aren’t your future either. Your education is more important than your relationship. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, trading something for someone, but you’ll realize in the end that’s what you’re in college for: to learn what you want, what you don’t want and make rational decisions. I know you want to cuddle, but save that for when it’s time to go to bed. Being apart is healthy.


Jobs are essential to most students in order to pay their school bill. I’m not saying jobs are bad. They most certainly are not. They teach you about responsibility, budgeting, and accountability. The only time that a job becomes unhealthy is when you’re working when you should really do homework or be studying. I know what it’s like to work instead of do homework -- you are so concerned about how your school bill is going to get paid that you don’t realize why you’re paying for it. You’re paying for that experience, in order to get an education, something that’s going to help get you a real job. So by all means get a job, but if you have 18 credits you should probably only work part time. The big picture is more important than that tip you just made. It’s hard to do homework when you come home at 11 pm exhausted from that 10 hour shift. So, you sleep instead and you don’t end up doing your homework, or you do it last minute. Don’t kill yourself.

No, but really. Please hire me. 

No, but really. Please hire me. 

Video Games/TV

Guys probably fall prey to this a little more often than girls. This is the reason people can’t connect to the Adrian College wifi, why your computers are so slow, why you can’t get your homework done and why you’re considering buying a modem yourself just to get internet. If you’re a guy, playing Call of Duty Ghost until 2 am, it will probably affect the way you feel the next day in your 8 am. So, not only are you wasting your own time, but you are also sucking everyone’s internet. I’m not saying don’t play, I understand it’s a form of relieving stress, socializing, and having fun, but again it’s all about moderation.

AKA: Heaven

AKA: Heaven

Social Media



Oh Facebook. How many times have I already been distracted just writing this article? It’s not only Facebook, however, you can add Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bitstrips, Dragon City, Candy Crush. You may not realize how much time you spend on your phone checking your millions of different apps. Even though you may only spend five minutes on one app, over time it adds up. Calculate how many apps you have and then calculate how many times a day you check them. Trust me: it adds up.

Our ability to be connected with people because of technology has also allowed us to waste our time with things instead of things we do need to do. You don’t have to delete your apps, but begin to be aware of how much you use them. Simply being aware will probably remind you to spend less time on it. I’ve also learned that the more time I spend with people, the less time I spend with things, such as my phone. Your time is very valuable; make sure you spend it wisely.  

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