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9 Last Minute Presents To Save Any Procrastinator

by Emily Kipp 

Local Michigan Wine

My favorite is the Cherry Creek Winery, located a little northwest of Adrian. They have a variety of reds, whites and hard cider. My go-to is the fruity and tart red wine, Cranberry Passion, which can be found at Country Market. 

Yankee Candle

Nothing warms the heart or burns longer than a Yankee Candle. They can be purchased almost everywhere and come in a variety of scents -- they even have a man collection. Yankee's masculine scents include inspiration from bacon, sawdust, fresh cut grass and leather! 


Digital Photo Frame

Personalize it by pre-loading a bunch of photos onto an SD card. Package them together and give to a family member or girlfriend for an easy heartfelt gift. 

Fresh Baked Cookies!

It doesn't matter if you made the batter yourself or purchased break-n-bake cookies; all that matters is that they are warm upon delivery! 

Crocheted Heart Coffee Sleeve


Something customized and handmade, even if made by someone with more time on their hands than you, is always a great gift. These coffee sleeves are completely customizable: when you order, you get to pick the color for the background and for the heart. They are also completely handmade, yet sold using a trusted middle man, Etsy, to reduce any risk of scam. Buy here


Fleece Tie Blanket

Fleece blankets are warm and cozy, and can be personalized to any person with the chosen fleece patterns. They can be themed to go with any holiday, sports team, character, color, print, hobby, and style, and are super simple to make. Instructions for this quick and fun present can be found here

Custom Calendar

Many sites offer a variety of calendars that you can design out of your own photos -- even Walmart offers these in their photo department. You can generally add text to both the top decorative half, as well as individual dates to add your own birthdays and special occasions.  

Put Together a Hangout Basket

Include things that you and the person you're giving it to would enjoy doing together. Maybe include some card games, hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps, a DVD and an IOU for tickets to go to a local zoo or museum.

Homemade Craft

Everything becomes even more lovely when homemade! Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Projects We Love series for some great crafting ideas!