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It's the most wonderful time of the year

by Julia Borst

Well folks, Thanksgiving is over and it is now officially the Christmas season!  I don’t know about you, but the Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the Christmas lights, the Christmas cheer, and, my personal favorite, the Christmas music!

I’m one of those annoying people who is always singing Christmas music . . . even in the summer.  I, of course, maintain that it’s not my fault I’m singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” in July because I just get Christmas songs stuck in my head whenever I’m bored (it’s true—just ask any of my friends or family).  Anyway, the point is that I LOVE Christmas music. 

Plus, Herrick Chapel looks awesome. 

Plus, Herrick Chapel looks awesome. 

There’s just something about it that makes me really happy, and I think that it can make other people happy too, which is why I think that anyone who is part of the Adrian College community should come to the Lessons and Carols concert next Sunday.  Students, faculty, cafeteria workers—when I say everyone, I mean everyone.  Maybe you can even use the concert as a way to distract your professors—tell them that there’s a Christmas concert on Sunday and get a conversation going, maybe get them in a happy, Christmas-spirit-y mood before finals.

Has there ever been a study done on professors’ grading tendencies after listening to Christmas music?  Maybe they will be less harsh with their grading if they have listened to Christmas music recently and are in the Christmas spirit.  Who knows?  Maybe you could write a research paper on it . . . I’d read it.


Anyway, the Lessons and Carols concert is going to be awesome because the Adrian College Choirs are awesome. And we’re going to be even more awesome next week because we will have the Adrian College Symphony Orchestra playing with us! What’s more, Dr. Hodgman, our wonderful choir director, arranged two of the pieces for the orchestra, so that will be really cool to hear. Not to mention that some of our superbly talented choir members are in both the Adrian College Symphony Orchestra and the choir, so they’re going to be doing some running back and forth. And we’ve got some really great music prepared for you, so you should come!


Now, of course if you’ve been to one of our choir concerts before, you’ll want to come again because, well, we’re awesome. But, if you’ve never been . . . you should come because we’re awesome! Nah, I’m just kidding. We are awesome, but you should come because it will be fun! And who doesn’t like Christmas music? Well, except for one person that I know whose name shall remain unnamed. But aside from anomalies like my friend, everyone I know loves Christmas music. Why? Because it makes them happy. It reminds them of happy memories and it fills them with hope and excitement for the future. And a lot of Christmas music is simply beautiful—it gives me shivers when I listen to it because songs like “Ave Maria” and “Silent Night” are really just things of beauty.

So come to the Lessons and Carols concert and give yourself a break from studying.  Maybe the Christmas music and spirit you will find at the concert will get you through all of the studying you have to do, because you’ll remember that Christmas is coming, and finals won’t last forever.

So I’ll see you on Sunday, December 8th at 7 pm. You won’t regret coming!  And yes, before you ask, I listened to Christmas music while I wrote this.