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App of the Week: MotionX Sleep

Hey everyone! This will be the first of many to come weekly specials on apps that will help you cope with every day struggles. This week, I'd like to introduce MotionX Sleep.

his app has so many awesome functions that will not only make you feel better, but they'll also get you into better shape and help you get more restful sleep, too.


leep better

MotionX Sleep monitors your sleep cycles so that you wake up refreshed at the most optimized time for you. (<-- or, you wake up more wide awake! This makes it easier to get up and start your day).


MotionX Sleep monitors light sleep v. deep sleep, and lets you see how much you got of each during the night.

Sleeping is cool--but what if you can't get to sleep? The app helps you fall asleep to white noise or soothing sounds; it auto-fades out after it realizes you have fallen asleep.

ake up refreshed 

The intelligent alarm clock wakes you up at just the right time with multiple alarm sounds (you can choose from vibrations, various noises, etc). Even better: you can set the alarm ringer as your favorite tune downloaded onto your phone.

Be more active

The app helps track calories burned and your physical activity during the day.

For those of you who are couch potatoes, the app has a convenient (aka: annoying?) "GET ACTIVE!" alert to tell you when your body has been idle for too long.

Take care of your heart

Use your iPhone camera to detect a pulse from your fingertip to see what your heart rate is. In addition, the app records resting heart rates to work with your sleep quality.

This app rocks. Once you purchase the $0.99 app for your iPhone, you will be sleeping like a baby during the night, and feel rested enough for that painful 8am class on Monday.

eep an eye out for the next installment of App of the Week!