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10 Steps to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Social media is great—especially when it helps get you a job. Enter in: LinkedIn, the professional social media site designed to help turn you into just that, a professional.

Refer back to my previous post about why it is so important for you to have a LinkedIn.

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Today, I’m here to help make your profile better. I’m here to get you noticed. I’m here to (hopefully) help find you a job.

There’s a 10 step process to make your LinkedIn profile shine.

1. Complete your profile
Follow the steps provided by LinkedIn!

2. DO NOT include test scores or high school information
Test scores/GPAs are only acceptable if you're applying to grad school. Otherwise, they're not important. Same goes for high school stuff: employers don't care what you were doing at 14. They want to know what you're doing to better yourself right now. 


3. Add connections through your friends
Add everyone. Seriously. Add your sister, add your best friend. Getting connections (similar to followers or Facebook friends) is super important. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to come up in searches.

4. Join groups
Do you speak Spanish? Join Spanish Connection. Are you in teacher education? Join the Teacher's Networking Group. Do you play hockey? Join this group that helps professionals who have played or still play the sport. Groups are amazingly important to connect you with individuals you don't know, to ask questions, to find job opportunities and to be connected to people who love the same thing you do. It's a global community of people just like you. 


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5. Endorse your friends...so they will endorse you
You can list your skills on LinkedIn, which is a big way employers look for you. By having endorsements, it proves you can do a skill and you can do it well, which is huge!!

6. Ask for recommendations
This is especially true for those of you who have internships or part-time jobs. A recommendation from a boss or a coworker proves that you're good enough to brag about...which means you'd be good enough to hire. 

7. Instead of listing what you did at a job in a paragraph, list it in bullet points
This is an online resume -- make it short, sweet and easy for people to read.


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8. Make sure ALL bullet points start off with a verb
Good words include: managed, established, edited, created, supervised, wrote, taught, implemented, assisted, coordinated, collaborated, marketed...

9. Change everything to the 3rd person
Instead of saying "I go to AC" it should say "Janaye goes to AC."

10. Make sure you have a professional head shot/photo
Wear clean, work-appropriate clothes. If you're doing something related to the field you want to work for -- even better.

So there you have it, Bulldogs! 10 tips to make your LinkedIn, and yourself, more marketable.