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Sorority Life at AC

We all know about them; we’ve seen TV shows like GRΣΣK, read books such as Pledged, and watched movies like House Bunny. What everyone doesn’t know is that sorority life is about much more than foreign letters, matching shirts, and secrets. Unfortunately it is impossible to ever know what they are really like without joining… that is, aside from talking to a member, like me!

Being in a sorority comes with a couple rules, some random benefits, and many opportunities to get involved at AC and in the community. But mostly, I’m unrestricted and spend my time as I wish.

 I socialize with friends between classes, which is easy as my entire hallway is filled with them. I do my homework, sometimes with the help of other sisters. And when all of this is done, at the end of the week I socialize elsewhere, after getting all gussied up, which is extra fun as I have access to 50 closets other than my own.  Essentially I do the same things everyone else does, just the Greek way.

A big part of being in a sorority is getting involved and helping out. We are encouraged to get involved in as many other groups on campus as possible, as well as volunteering as often as we can. Sometimes this may seem like work as there is a minimum number of volunteer hours that must be completely each semester. Luckily there are so many different ways to volunteer that each member can choose something fun or something that is close to her heart.

 In the past two years I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a local elementary school, as a part of Rake N’ Run, at the Adrian Nursery, with Hope Center, at a local church putting on a female teen empowerment program, and with numerous AC events. Some of these I just did for the hours, some I did for a free t-shirt, and some have actually become resume builders to add to my social work major.

In all honesty there are some restrictions as a result of rushing. For instance, all of the heavy drinking associated with Greek life in the eyes of most simply does not match the reality here at Adrian College, where sororities rarely have over 50 members. In fact, we try very hard to keep alcohol completely unassociated with sororities on campus, sometimes to a fault.  Every sorority also has a minimum GPA to promote good scholarship as well as a set of bylaws/constitution to follow. 

And since I’m being honest, yes, we do fight from time to time. Just as with any organization, every single member isn’t your best friend and there will be that one person who just has a way of unintentionally pushing your buttons. But sororities are more than just any other organization; they are a group of unique women committed to helping one another. Members support and encourage each other, not to be fake, but rather out of the belief that it promotes a better way of life.

So I must admit that there is a wee bit of truth to some of what they say about sororities. However the realities of being in one are so far from what is often portrayed that many don’t realize how normal sorority life is. I am an Adrian College student, just like any other, except that I, along with 20% of the student body, have found a permanent home here that gives me constant support and opportunities to thrive.  Sorority life is not for everyone, but it is for me.