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Ribbons of Excellence -- A Recap

Wednesday, April 3 marked the 5th Annual Ribbons of Excellence Conference here at AC! This was the first ROE day that I got to see, and it was great. 

ROE Ribbons  Photo Credit: Vicky Schmucker 

ROE Ribbons 
Photo Credit: Vicky Schmucker 

A little secret thought: until I went to the first program, I had no idea what ROE day actually was.

At the beginning of each semester, our Profs tell us how their class relates to the Ribbons of Excellence (as the Ribbons are the basis of AC's teachings), and then for the rest of the semester...we hear nothing about them.

So as emails began to exclaim about the upcoming ROE day, I was rightfully confused. What was this day about? There were presentations and performances, yes, but were they mandatory? How many should I go to? And most importantly  where are each of these rooms located? he ones listing Jones, Rush, Valade as locations were easy enough to find, but the others like the Hickman Boardroom and the Knight Auditorium? I wasn't even sure what building to look in. 

As the days began to move closer to ROE day, I grew excited. And who wouldn't be? No classes (yay!), a continental breakfast offered by several of the Institutes (yay!), and a change to watch some cool presentations (yay!).

Photo Credit: DeviantArt (~snowyfoot3000). 

Photo Credit: DeviantArt (~snowyfoot3000). 

My ROE day was comprised of sleeping in (no 8am class!!!!) and wandering from presentation to presentation. I was specifically interested in the art that was being shown in the galleries. I love art. I'm an art minor, and I regularly go to art museums on the weekends, so this was a close-up look at the type of art I'll be creating as a senior. 

ROE Day Photo Credit: Vicky Schmucker 

Photo Credit: Vicky Schmucker 

I was speechless. Everything I saw was amazing, and I cannot begin to explain my awe at the amount of work that these students put into their collections and the quality of the art. I would not be surprised to see the students' art in museums in the future!

Overall, I enjoyed ROE day. I was skeptical at first, and more than a little confused, but as I watched each presentation, I was enthralled a little bit more. By the end of the day (which ended with the Honor Societies and Awards Ceremony), I was already looking forward to next year, the 6th Annual Ribbons of Excellence day.