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Run for Boston

The horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon this week still send shivers down our spine. There have been students across the country who have stood up in support of all of those in Boston, but a new movement has started, too in our own backyard. 

Photo Credit: James Larson

Photo Credit: James Larson

he AC Track & Field team took a team photo to show their support for all the runners affected by the bombings. The photo, which has made the rounds on social media, joins the 75+ Track & Field programs across the country showing their support. 

You can follow the Run for Boston movement here.

Additionally, Sarah Kasabian-Larson (wife of head coach James Larson) and former Track & Field alum Jay Yockey was only 2 blocks away from the bombings. She had finished the race about 30 minutes prior to the tragic events. Both Sarah and Jay are safe and back home. 

Sarah, who has run the Boston Marathon 4 times, was interviewed by the Toledo Free Press about Monday's events. In part, her quote reads:

"This is devastating that this could happen on a day when people get together to celebrate the runners' journeys"
- Sarah Kasabian-Larson via the Toledo Free Press

Run for Boston. Pray for Boston. Send love to Boston.