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Leading AC Since 1881 ... and 1991

After leaving campus for about 20 years, Alpha Tau Omega came back in 1991 and has been striving to lead Adrian College ever since. The fraternity was originally founded in 1881. 

While the fraternity is still trying to find an annual philanthropy event, they do put on an annual barbeque, open to the entire campus, on their Founders Day – Sept 11. This is generally held at the Cornelius House, which was recently completely renovated by some ATO alumni and now includes a movie theater and all new furniture. 

ATO also concentrates on leadership. They encourage members to not only hold positions inside the fraternity and within other campus organizations, but they go as far as having outside organizations to come and help. In the past they have worked with LeaderShape, the ELC conference, and the President’s Retreat to help improve leadership skills of all men in the fraternity. Aside from leadership, members have also expressed how ATO has helped with grades; brothers help each other study and give one another advice on which classes and professors to take.

This fraternity also serves as a support system for members.  Its high standards motivate them to become better people; their emphasis on diversity, leadership, and grades help them learn to grow as men.

Ty Calvin on Alpha Tau Omega: “We’re not the stereotypical frat house... Get to know us and you’ll change your mind about fraternities.”