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78.6 Miles for Boston

We received the most amazing email today.

inancial aid counselor Sarah Larson is running three marathons, which is pretty noteworthy alone. What makes this even greater is that she is doing it in honor of supporting the Boston Marathon bombing victims. 

She is trying to raise money to donate to the families of those injured and killed in the brutal attacks. All of the money raised will be sent to the Boston One Fund. f you should care to donate to Sarah's efforts, please download this PDF

In part, here is Sarah's explanation for her extraordinary efforts:

pril 15th, 2013 will forever live in our hearts as a day of heartache and unity. This particular day was my 4th time running the Boston Marathon. Every time I head to Hopkinton and lace up my shoes, I know the road ahead of me won't be easy, but the comfort of knowing the support and encouragement along the way is very real. The people of Boston are always there. They never leave a piece of the street empty for the entire 26.2 miles. They are who make me strong. 

Stay strong, Boston. We love you! 




via Boston One Fund www.onefundboston.org

via Boston One Fund