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App of the Week: Meet CARROT!

This week’s App comes straight from the Apple Store bringing new things to do and not taking “no” for an answer. CARROT is a new to-do-list app with a mind of its own! CARROT will be pleased with you as you complete the assigned tasks. But watch out, because CARROT will get angry if you are lazy about completing your assignments. This addictive drive to get things done will have you wanting more to do with your day in the best of ways! 

As you level up your CARROT list, you will unlock cool rewards and items only found deep within your CARROT'S mind. People from all over the globe have loved this little app that could, on sale now for only $0.99 for iPhone 3GS+ and requires iOS 6. 

So, in the words of CARROT: Let's play a game. We call it "Don't Suck at Life."