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A Year in Review

In a few days, my freshman year at AC is over. Two semesters of college ending with a week of final exams. It is a bit surreal; less than a year ago I was receiving my high school diploma and now I am a week away from finishing a year at college.  During this year, I have experienced so much and learned quite a few life lessons.  As everyone has done at some point or another, I wish I could redo days. We have all done something that we regent and wish we could do over.

My year was great, but if I could go back to the beginning I would have three things to tell myself.

1. Do not jump into relationships. While the first week at Adrian is amazing for freshman (you meet new people, make new friends, and take an awesome trip to Chicago!!), you really do not know the people you meet well enough to start a relationship. Take your time, really get to know them, and then maybe start a relationship with them.

2. Join some clubs. I am not involved in any sports and for my first semester I didn't want to overload myself by getting involved in a theatre production, so I joined a club (Safe Place). One club is not enough. Even with 16 credit hours and a club I had enormous amounts of time on my hands. At least for the first semester, join as many clubs that interest you. Do you like animals? Join PAAC. Do you care about the environment? Join the Green Club. Clubs are a great way to make friends with people outside of your classes as well!

3.  Not everything will go as planned. I am a planner to the extent that I know dorm I want to live in when I am doing my Masters program. I plan everything out as much as possible. The thing is, not everything goes as planned. Life is unpredictable, and it is better at times to just take a step back, let go of control, and allow things to happen as they happen. Whether this means suddenly agreeing to go to a party, or changing your minor every other week, don't try and plan everything. Life is a lot more enjoyable when you just let things happen.

My perspective of the last year was that it was so incredibly life changing. I made and lost friends, experimented with different relationships, took classes that I hated with a passion, took classes that I loved, acted in a college theatre production, did more all-nighters in a week then I had ever done before, went to a party, BS-ed a paper worth 10% of my grade, and spent more time then I ever thought possible studying for a quiz.  

There were times that I wanted to quit and never come back. And there were times that I loved everything about AC and college. Although there is so much that I wish I could change, I don't regret for a second coming to AC to study. This year was a great experience and I can not wait to come back in August.