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3 Phi-abulous Things About Alpha Phi!

I love Alpha Phi. Here are three reasons why:

1. Sisterhood 

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

The absolute best thing about Alpha Phi is the strong sense of sisterhood among its members. This feeling of sisterhood did not just happen, like some sort of sorority magic; it has been built through supporting each other, time spent with one another, and coming together through events.

As sisters, Phi's support each other. Always. This may include attending a senior recital, going to a softball game, or traveling to see a sister's photography on display at an art show. We do not just tell each other we care, we show it.

We also make an effort to get together at least once a month for a sisterhood event. Here we do all sorts of things together; sometimes its something as simple as all getting lunch together, and sometimes its a extravagant as a pureromance party. It really doesn't matter what we are doing at the end of the day though; what matters is that we are closer because of it.


2. Alpha Phi Foundation

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

The Alpha Phi Foundation is our philanthropy, which supports women's heart health and empowering women. Heart disease is the number ONE leading killer of women over 20, affecting about 1-in-3. Knowing this, and that most studies on heart disease are focused towards men, the Foundation donates annually to programs and research that study heart disease in women.

We primarily raise money for The Alpha Phi Foundation in two ways; Red Dress Gala and Mr. Alpha Phi. The Red Dress Gala is a formal charity dinner and silent auction that we invite our family and loved ones to each year. Mr Alpha Phi, our man-pageant, is much more laid back. For it, we invite any and all AC men to go through pageant events such as casual wear, interview, formal wear, and talent, for their fellow students.

For more information on The Alpha Phi Foundation please visit http://foundation.alphaphi.org/


3. Leadership

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

Photo Credit: Emily Kipp

Like all Greek organizations, members of Alpha Phi have the ability to hold positions, allowing them to gain a great deal of leadership experience organizing members, putting on events, and making decisions on behalf of the chapter.

Unlike other Greek organizations, however, Alpha Phi puts on their Emerging Leaders Institute every summer. This training program supports women in leadership positions and gives them the skills to needed succeed.

With all of these opportunities it is hard for a member of Alpha Phi to graduate without attaining leadership ability.