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The Outgoing Chi O's

Make a wish. Or pie someone in the face. Or be part of the biggest women's organization in the US.

Via @ChiOmegaMZ Twitter 

Via @ChiOmegaMZ Twitter 

There are too many cool things about Chi Omega here at AC -- and I'm not just saying that. After sitting down with the current president (Kirsten Cockrell), the Chi O's have so much to offer on such a small campus. 

  1. Charity -- the national organization of Chi Omega donates to the Make a Wish Foundation, and have been doing so for over a decade. Combined, the Chi O's have raised an INCREDIBLE $9.3million. I don't even know how many wishes that is, but that's a lot. 
  2. And it gets better -- because you get to pie people in the face to give to the Make a Wish Foundation. very fall, the Mu Zeta chapter at AC hosts the "Pie a Chi," which is as simple as it sounds and is all for a good cause. 
  3. Chi O is the biggest women's organization in the US -- even bigger than the Girl Scouts -- with an insane 174 chapters across the US. Find out more about their history here.

But being in Chi Omega - Meta Zu is more than just charity and organization. It's family.

"It's awesome," Kirsten told me, "It's great to have [so many] sisters. They're always there for me. Being in Chi O gave me a family feeling."

And just by joining AC Greek Life, you can be a part of it too. The Chi O's are outgoing and like to have a good time -- even though they are a regulation dry house. That doesn't stop the girls from enjoying parties, having swanky dinners (i.e., the Make a Wish dinner in the spring), and even more.

Go Greek! Or, in the words of the Chi O's themselves, Go Chi O!