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Apps of the Summer!

We've been doing App of the Week blog posts all semester long. Now that we're all leaving AC for the summer :(, we thought it'd be a good idea to do a roundup of some of our favorite summer apps for you to try out.

1. Urbanspoon


I'm hungry. Always. Like, always. hat's great about this FREE app is that it not only works on your iPad, iPhone and Android -- but it also works on the Kindle, Windows Phone, Blackberry and on the apps mobile site.  

The app is described as a restaurant slot machine. Hit the "shake" button (or shake your phone) and the app will select a good nearby restaurant. You can focus results by choosing specific neighborhoods, cuisines and price ranges.

You can also read diner reviews, post reviews, browse ratings, heck availability and make reservations. 

Going overseas? Awesome (and I'm jealous). The app works all over the US, in Canada, Australia and the UK. Who is up for some shrimp on the barbie down under?

. Free Wi-Fi Finder

The internet is one of the great loves of my life, and I mean that. So when I'm out, I'm always in search of Wifi. Well, search no more, and let an app search for you! Instantly find FREE Wifi internet hotspots wherever you are! 

There are over 145,000 free locations worldwide -- you can base your particular search on places near you. You can also search geographic locations, location types (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, etc.), phone numbers and addresses, and bookmark your favorite wifi spots.

This app is free and available for iPhone (and is fully iOS6 compatible, yay!). Sorry Android users! I have something awesome for you next though:

. Findmytap 


I talk about food too much. When what I SHOULD be talking about is beer. Enter in, Findmytap -- a great app that helps draught and craft beer connoisseurs (like you) and social drinkers (like you) find their favorite beers anywhere.

Uh -- sign me up. I don't think I need to tell you more, but just in case I haven't convinced you with the word "beer," here are some perks: find local bars fast that serve the beers you love. Simply set the distance you're willing to travel and presto beer-o! You can also leave ratings and reviews for the bars.

Just as a fair warning: "Findmytap is not responsible for drunk dials, way-too-late booty calls, incriminating sexts, 4am binge eating marathons or return bus fare because you thought it'd be hilarious to call your mom from Cleveland. Serious. You're on your own, man." (via Findmytap).  

nd for our own sake: Adrian College does not endorse underage drinking. The legal drinking age is 21 -- please be safe and responsible! Adrian College is not liable for under age drinking. Please use this app appropriately. 

Findmytap is available on Android and iPhone and is free! 

4. Outside

Guys. Guys. As much as I love App of the Week, it's summertime! Get outside! Stop playing on your phone!

(Although, you should come back and visit the Bulldog Project often... because we'll still be posting about goings-on around campus & other fun things!) 


Peace, love and Brusier Cruisers, 

The Bulldog Project Team

.s. have a favorite app you'd like to share? Send us a comment below!