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Previewing the Next 4 Years

Nationally recognized and state-of-the-art and effectiveness and all that jazz.  

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And let's be real, AC is that awesome. We are nationally recognized with state-of-the-art programs and facilities and our graduation rates show just how cool we are.  

But beyond all that -- what is living here actually like? How is the food? The dorms? The profs?

Question no further! In addition to the Bulldog Project being your go-to place for down-to-earth and real representations of living at AC, this is also the place where you can learn information about what is going on here this summer, and how to get ready for the next four years. (Class of 2017: we're talking to you!)  

First up: Summer Preview Day! You have already gotten your official materials, but you should definitely come out onto campus and check it out. You'll get a tour of campus (and we're going to make it extra pretty for all of you!), interact with faculty and students and eat lunch on campus. You can also meet with your Admissions Counselor who will be able to answer any questions you have.  

Summer Preview day is on Friday, June 14 and on Friday, June 28. Learn more info (& register) here.  

Also: the Bulldog Project has a new team member! We're welcoming a member of the Class of 2017 into our ranks as our (un)official new writer extraordinaire on all things AC. She'll be writing about all the awesome things AC has in store for you ... not to mention, we'll be helping you pack and prep for college life.  

So, there's a lot coming up on the Bulldog Project -- stay tuned!  

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica