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What isn't there to like about fortune cookies? I mean, really. They're tasty, and they give you fortunes, and in the case of one local sorority on AC's campus, fortune cookies are a source of inspiration.  

I'd like to introduce you to Delta Nu Kappa, a new-ish sorority on campus that is a local sorority housed on AC's campus. Founded in 2009, DNK is working on becoming something extraordinary. They are still part of the Pan-Hellenic organization, but their dues are much lower (yay!), and if you join them, you can be part of the development of a chapter (objective advertising). 

Which brings me back to the fortune cookie. The sorority's motto, "doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness," rings very true to the sorority's overall goals. They're a sisterhood full of accepting girls who want to have fun, but are also creating something new on this campus.  

The sorority offers opportunities for development of leadership and organization skills. They're a group that is still creating themselves, still finding their values. "For me, my Greek sisters are my sisters," said one of the members.