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Introducing: Jessica

Status: JUNIOR

Dear World Wide Web,  


My name is Jessica. I am majoring in English, with an emphasis on writing and a minor in journalism. My college career has probably been different from most of yours. I began my freshman year at AC majoring in criminal justice, with an emphasis on law. My sophomore year was spent at The University of Toledo doing the same, but I soon found myself unhappy with the path I'd chosen and the school I'd chosen. It took me a while to realize what I should be doing with my life: writing. I love writing, whether it's informative, research, opinion or fiction. I've always been able to express myself through writing, the way some people do through art. That's why I'm glad to be writing for The Bulldog Project.  

My childhood was also much different than many of yours. I was born and lived 13 years of my life in France where I learned to fluently speak French, went to public school and ate many delicious foods you'd probably consider weird. Because of this, I tend to have a different perspective on many things. I see the bigger picture, the picture beyond my own front door.  

I'm extremely shy when people meet me for the first time, but get to know me and I'll start being my weird self around you. I currently work at Red Lobster in Adrian and love my job. The people who work there are amazing, some are even my best friends. A lot of people ask me what I do in my spare time, but the answer is simply: work. This fall, I'm working on an 18-credit semester, working at Red Lobster, writing for The Bulldog Project and hoping to add a work study. I've had a personal blog since the beginning of 2013 in which I share healthy recipes, write fiction, share at-home beauty tips and post opinions, basically a little bit of everything. I absolutely love to read, and if I find a book interesting, it'll be done in less than 24 hours. I love to read or watch anything that deals with mystery. Shows like Castle, CSI and Law and Order made me realize that maybe I didn't want to put the criminals away, instead, I want to write my own mysteries about them.  

One thing I greatly enjoy is helping others. I'm kind of a pushover and will almost do anything for anybody. If someone needs help moving, studying, needs to talk at 4am, needs a pencil or study notes, I'm normally the person for the job. I have a dog that's the most adorable animal I've ever seen, and a boyfriend that's almost as adorable (and is currently serving in the US Navy). 

I will write more soon. Until then, Bulldog out.