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Introducing: Michael

STATUS: Junior

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Sup Ladies and Gentlemen,  

My name is Michael Gregory Flowers and this will be my first post on the Bulldog Project. Please go ahead and leave a few comments. I am from Elgin, IL and planning on graduating from AC with a BA in marketing & have a computer information systems minor. My reason for this blog though is to help ease your way into college. Yes, it is rough, but could also be lots of fun too. Just depends on which path you take while being in college, but for myself, I have found that equal middle going into my junior year. A few quick tips to help you on your first few days:

  • I have found that coffee is heaven! Yes, it isn't the best for you, but a great coffee in the morning with a good Sudoku puzzle gets the day going well (for myself at least). You will have to find your own way to get your brain to start up in the morning. 
  • I STRONGLY encourage getting breakfast (@ Ritchie, or in the yet-to-be-constructed Starbucks or Zebi's in Caine!). 

This is just the start to this awesome blog. Hope I have your full eyes and ears -- this is where the great advice will come into play. My main advice is this: get involved with clubs, sports and Greek life. If you can't do all of them, at least try to do two out of the three. 

I came into AC as an average high school student wanting to just party and enjoy life. After realizing that isn't my lifestyle, I made some changes come sophomore year of college. I already established the Men's Vball team (check us out here!) and felt it was needed to add towards this awesome resume builder. 

I had a great opportunity come my way where I was able to start a fraternity called Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE). I saw this as a great resume builder and have fallen in love with PIKE!  

So, I had a sport and fraternity under my belt; I just needed to work on some clubs. I study marketing, so I wanted to get involved with clubs in the business field. I started to attend the business club meeting and entrepreneurial organization meetings and just fell in love again due to the fact that this was my field of study. After sophomore year finished up, I was elected as president of the business club. 

That's my background. Yeah, it can look very overwhelming, but I enjoy every last minute of it so it makes my day go by faster. These clubs even helped me with projects in my classes. It kept my brain open to many options and helped me be a leader.  

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If you have any questions -- don't be afraid to post a comment below or find me on social media. You can find me on: