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I'm an English major.

by Jessica Newlin

The Bulldog Project Asks: How did you know you wanted to be an English major?

My heart knew I wanted to pursue writing before my mind ever did. As I said in my bio, I used to be a criminal justice major focusing on law. However, during my freshmen year, I decided to be a contributing writer for The College World, as my work study wasn't providing enough hours or source of income to pay for school. It took two years of education to decide what I really wanted my future to look like. I realized I loved writing for The College World. I loved writing letters to people who are important to me, because sometimes I can express myself better through writing than through words. I liked to read my children's books my mom saved in my bookshelf and wondered what it would be like to create a connection between mother and child. I want to create the feeling I felt when I can't put a book down until it is finished. Writing takes months, if not years, and the publishing process is long and costly. Although I do not want to work on books, I plan on working for a (print or online) newspaper, blog or magazine someday.

I know that AC is the school that is going to get me there without a doubt.

I am new to the English department, but I trust and have full confidence in the staff and their methods of teaching. I love small class sizes, as they allow students to get to know each other and the professor on a personal level. Small class sizes also allow students with the same major to take multiple classes with each other as they process through their education. Some of your best friends may very well be within your major. If anyone ever needs help, professors will go out of their way to help them. I am excited to begin my journey within a new major, with a new set of students. I'm taking full advantage of the possibilities offered here to expand my portfolio and knowledge of writing.   

As mentioned, The College World offers a great opportunity for students who are interested in writing or journalism, and it even counts as a work study. Students can expand their knowledge of school activities, Greek life, campus history, sports and celebrity news. Unlike the Bulldog Project, The College World is more about facts and details. What I like most about the Bulldog Project is there are no restrictions on what you can write about, or how you should write it. I get to add my opinion -- and hopefully that helps you develop yours.  

Besides writing for the newspaper or this blog, students can get involved in certain clubs or groups that involve writing. Students who are far along with their education can help correct, enhance and edit other student's work through the Writing Center (first floor of Valade Hall -- or sometimes the library, depending on their hours). This is an awesome tool for advanced writers to further their knowledge with the English language, grammar and different forms of writing. There is also Sigma Tau Delta, which is AC's honorary English society. In order to qualify, students must take Honors English classes, which require a 3.5 GPA. 

I plan on taking full advantage of everything AC has to offer within their English department, and I hope you are too.  

Until next time.