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5 Ways to Soak Up that Last Bit of Summer

by Meg Palmer

That time of year is rolling around again, where stores have sales and students have to get back on a "normal" sleeping schedule.  

For me, this year is especially hard since AC is starting up in mid-August, and my old high school didn't get moving until September. That's almost a month less of summer for us freshmen!

Not to fear though -- I'm here to provide you with 5 ways to get the most out of your summer while you still can. I swear, I'm going to try to avoid the cliche "visit the beach :)".... 


      Get together with a bunch of friends on a night you don't work in the morning (summer jobs, ugh) and stay up 'til the sun rises. You're young! And soon, the only reason you'll be pulling an all nighter is to finish homework. Not sure what to do for an entire night with your friends? Well, obviously you need to get more interesting friends. But here are some tips if you don't want to ditch them: 
        - Movie marathon! Pick a genre and roll with it. Netflix, anybody
        - Card games: euchre, 31, BS, go fish, hearts. There are so many out there and you can always look up instructions online!  
        - Talk: it's almost weird in this age of technology, but the later it gets, the funnier your conversations will become. 

      We all promised we'd join a gym over the summer, lose 10 lbs and come back to school looking fab-u-lous. However, you're like 95% of the population, that didn't happen. 
      So instead of crying over time you lost that you could've been getting ripped, hop on a bike and do something! If you're athletically challenged like me, you still don't have an excuse. Biking is the laziest form of exercise (you sit the entire time, guys) and you get to enjoy the outdoors. So pop those earbuds in, put on your workout clothes, and put your butt on a seat. 

      I know this is in direct contradiction to being healthy, but it's ice cream. Plus, you're running to catch it, because heaven forbid the truck ever stops for anyone over ten. So, cardio bonus points!

      They're only open during the summer, which makes them doubly as awesome. They're rare, I know, but Google the closest one to you and make an event out of it. I promise you won't regret it.
      At the Getty 4 in Muskegon, they do bargain nights on Tuesday's: $5, 2 movies, plus you can bring your own food. It's epic.



      I couldn't avoid it. It's ingrained too deeply in a Michigander's blood: summer=beach. Michigan is literally surrounded by water. If you pick a direction and drive for a while, you can't not hit a beach.

      So grab a towel, sunblock, a cooler full of drinks, a friend and just visit the beach.  

    Until next time, Bulldogs. This is Meg signing off.