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Music to Our Ears

by Amanda Gasior

The Bulldog Project Asks: Tell us about the music program!  

When I was four years old, I saw my first musical, which was Peter Pan in New York City. I was "hooked!" During my high school years, I was in symphonic choir, marching band, pep band, seasonal band and show choir. Glee is actually nothing like show choir. It's more intense and the girls wear so much makeup they look like dolls. Depending on the theme, some of the boys wear makeup as well! 

During my college search, which actively began fall of my junior year, the various music programs together with my major were the most important factors in my search. My junior year, I came to a preview day to see what AC was all about. Dr. Marks spoke that day and talked to me personally about the program.  At that moment, I felt really comfortable about Adrian College and it's music program.  

Following the preview day, I emailed Dr. Marks a number of times and instead of emailing me back, he would pick up the phone and call me personally. This would literally happen within minutes of me sending this email. Dr. Marks made it personal and really helped me until my senior year.  

I then auditioned for the bands with Professor Palmieri. I was so frightened during the audition because I knew I was stronger in voice than in instrumentation, but she made me feel comfortable, confident and feel a lot better when the audition was over.

I auditioned for the choirs with Dr. Hodgman. During the audition, Dr. Hodgman was even singing with me because he knew the song! 

As my senior year was ending, I had to make a choice on which school I'd go to. I chose Adrian college because they have a strong music department and a strong education department.  

The most important factor of why I chose AC? They make you feel welcomed and make things personal -- like phone calls or talking to you one-on-one.  

I know that AC is the place for me.  

The choirs practice Mondays & Wednesdays; the bands Mondays and Wednesdays also, but at 4:30-5:30. I have talked with a senior band member, Michael Truesdale, and he has really helped me with knowledge of the band and how it really works. 

Pep band is during the basketball and hockey season --- it's optional, and you get paid by the game.  

The theatre department puts on a musical every fall and has plays throughout the year. 

The best thing about the music major is that you don't have to be a music major or a minor to participate in these activities. You can still have your major AND be involved in the musical/choral arts.