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Leaving Home... in 2 Days!

by Julia Borst

Well, we're two days away from leaving home and moving onto campus, and I have several conflicting emotions about that.  

First of all, there's the "Oh, my gosh!!!! I'm about to start college!!! Woohoo!!" sort of mentality. Then, on the flipside, there's the "Holy canolli! I'm leaving for college in two days and I still don't have everything I need -- and I have to finish packing!"  

I'm really excited to move onto campus and start this new chapter of my life, but I'm a little sad, too, because I'm closing another great chapter of my life and moving on. I'm not going to lie -- the prospect of saying goodbye to all of my friends and family is a little scare to me. But even so, I know that "goodbye" is not permanent, and I'll see them all again.  

I guess that it's the significance of finally moving out -- it seems almost symbolic, like in moving out of my childhood home, I'm waking away from my childhood, and it really is over now. But even though I feel a bit nostalgic -- and even a little apprehensive -- about my "childhood" ending and my "adulthood" beginning, I can't wait to see how that adulthood will progress and what I will accomplish over time.  

So, I'm a little bit nervous and hugely excited to start college and make new friends and connections.  

Hopefully the rest of you are just as excited as I am -- I'll see you in a few days!  

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