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by Amanda Gasior

The Bulldog Project Asks: So... what is it like to meet your roommate? 

I counted down the days until I heard who my roommate would be. I was anxious the minute I put my deposit in for AC. The day I heard who she was, I jumped with excitement and joy. Literally. 

Nicole and I meeting at Sneak Peek day. Photo Credit: Amanda Gasior

Nicole and I meeting at Sneak Peek day.

Photo Credit: Amanda Gasior

Nicole Brokas was the name, along with her address and the mailbox number and the info I needed. I sent her an email, exchanged numbers and stated texting immediately. We started off with what we liked and hobbies.  

I was so excited. We talked about colors and what we're each bringing and contributing for the room. We bonded instantly.  

Now, coming from Ohio, I really hoped she wasn't into the whole Michigan v. Ohio State football rivalry. if she was, I hoped that we could joke about it. Honestly, I've never been a fan of the state of the sports.

 I am an only child living in the house. I have an older brother and sister, but they never lived with me. I never had the experience of sharing a room or bonding with family members, but some of my friends are like sisters and brothers to me, so I had the experience in a way. My friends and I had sleepovers, chered for games, made fun of each other and had each other's backs and sometimes it seemed like we were more than friends. 

I was scared, at first, that I had to share a room. But as the process went on, I started loving that I had someone I could talk to and bond with in the dorm. I am really happy she is my roommate, and I think we bond really well, so I think this is a perfect beginning of my new chapter in life.